3DE Schools: A Resounding Success!

In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, innovation and adaptability have become the keys to success. Traditional education models are increasingly being challenged, and organizations like 3DE by Junior Achievement, are stepping up to provide cutting-edge solutions. The following remarkable statistics highlight the resounding success of 3DE schools:

1. Principals' Overwhelming Support

Principals play a pivotal role in shaping the direction and success of their schools. It's heartening to learn that when given the choice, 100% of principals would opt for the 3DE model once more. This unanimous vote of confidence in 3DE demonstrates the model's ability to empower school leaders to effect meaningful change in their schools.

2. Teachers' Feeling Supported and Valued

The survey results are a testament to the remarkable support system within 3DE. An astounding 92% of teachers feel supported, heard, and valued by the 3DE team. This level of support is especially impressive considering the current climate, which has seen many educators grappling with unprecedented difficulties.

3. Business Professionals' Recommendations

The success of 3DE schools isn't limited to educators; it extends to the business community as well. A remarkable 98% of business professionals who have volunteered with the 3DE model would enthusiastically recommend it to their colleagues or friends. This high level of endorsement from professionals underscores the real-world relevance and effectiveness of the 3DE approach in preparing students for life beyond the classroom.

4. Students' Preparation for Life Beyond the Classroom

Perhaps the most crucial measure of any educational model's success is its impact on students. According to recent surveys, 80% of 3DE students feel that their 3DE education is preparing them for life beyond the classroom. This is a significant contrast to the mere 54% of rising 9th graders who feel the same way about traditional school education. The 3DE model's ability to empower students with practical skills and real-world knowledge is evident in this striking statistic.

With unanimous support from principals, a vast majority of satisfied teachers, strong recommendations from business professionals, and students feeling well-prepared for life beyond the classroom, 3DE schools are becoming a beacon of innovation and effectiveness in the educational landscape and making a transformative impact on education.