Change Young Lives

A changed life has the power to change the world along with it.

Volunteers are critical to the success of our programs. By volunteering, you have the opportunity to impact students at critical points in their development. You will inspire and prepare young people for their brightest future while helping them avoid the financial pitfalls so many adults currently face. Our structured programs transform traditional education by integrating real-world experience.

4 in 5

alumni report that Junior Achievement played an important role in their decision to pursue further education


students reported that a JA volunteer helped them realize the importance of staying in school


of teachers agreed that they would recommend Junior Achievement to a colleague or friend


Whether you’re an individual or a business looking to organize volunteer groups, there are many ways to get involved with Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas. Learn more about the opportunities below.

Lead hands-on activities in a classroom environment

You'll be paired with a teacher in a classroom to teach a set curriculum designed to educate students about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, or work readiness. Dependent on demand, these experiences can be delivered over several weeks or in one day.

Coach students during a simulated authentic experience.

Guide students in an authentic experience (JA BizTown & JA Finance Park) to help them navigate the challenges of being an adult. As a volunteer, you’ll be on-site from 8 AM to 2 PM and you’ll coach students as they participate in immersive programs.

Two paths exist:

  • JA Finance Park - support young people in learning about personal financial decisions
  • JA BizTown - experiential experiences for what it's like to have a job. Complete with co-workers, breaks, paychecks, and personal banking.

Both scenarios produce epiphanies that the volunteer is there to shape and direct.

Mentor students during the school year.

Help high school students launch an entrepreneurial venture and mentor them over the school year as a JA Company Program volunteer.