Promoting economic opportunity for a more equitable and just tomorrow.

Invest in the next generation today.

Your investment will help build our students' skill sets and ethos, opening the door to more opportunities. Ensuring a return on your investment, Junior Achievement leverages the passion and commitment of thousands of volunteers who deliver millions of hours of instruction to area students.

Each gift we receive demonstrates trust in our ability to deliver our mission. We work tirelessly to be good stewards with donor dollars and maximize the impact of each gift.

To show our commitment to transparency, you can find our most recent financial statements and board meeting minutes. A board finance committee reviews our financials monthly which are audited by an independent firm annually.

Intentional focus on populations of under-resourced students.

Providing nationally developed financial, educational, and career advancement curricula to students that otherwise would not have access to these role models, career paths, or free enterprise concepts.

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