Players’ Coalition Partners With JASET

This fall, the Players’ Coalition announced a $30,000 donation to Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas. These funds will be utilized to replace outdated technology in JA Finance Park. JA Finance Park is a deeper learning experience that includes classroom-based curriculum that culminates in a hands-on simulation. The simulation helps students build a foundation for making intelligent financial decisions and correlates educational performance with future earning power. Because the simulation takes place online, this technology upgrade will ensure students receive the optimal experience while participating in the simulation.

The Players’ Coalition is a non-profit founded in 2017 by former NFL players Anquan Boldin and Malcolm Jenkins. The organization exists to end social injustices and racial inequality, so future generations have the opportunity to thrive without barriers.

JASET would like to give a special thank you to JA Board Member and Players Coalition advocate Ellis Wyms for nominating JASET for this grant.

“Youth in Houston, and across the country, deserve to have access to all of the tools, programs and resources to inspire and prepare them for success in a global economy. Junior Achievement’s unique programming builds foundational skills in financial literacy, career readiness, and entrepreneurship. It is through these types of programs and supports that we are working together to close the digital divide and achievement gap for the younger generations.” - Ellis Wyms, Athletes for Computer Science Founder, Players Coalition Advocate, NFL Veteran, and JASET Board Member.