New Beginnings: Our Exciting Journey to a Fresh Space!

We're thrilled to announce our successful move to our new office at 2925 Briarpark Drive, Ste. 575! While we fondly reminisce about the cherished memories created at our previous office at 2115 Governors Circle, we're equally excited about the new chapter unfolding in our modern and vibrant space.

The journey from one location to another is not just a physical transition, but a symbolic leap towards growth and progress. As we settle into our new surroundings, We extend our heartfelt appreciation to JA Board Member Paul Marsden and Bechtel for their generous donation of the amazing office furniture that graces our new workspace. Their support has played a significant role in creating an environment that inspires innovation and teamwork.

As we forge ahead and look forward to the construction of the Phillips 66 | JA Discovery Center look forward to creating a host of new memories and milestones at 2925 Briarpark Drive. This move signifies not just a change of address, but a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence. Here's to the exciting opportunities and shared experiences that lie ahead in our new location!