JA Alumni Ipsos Study

Recently, JA USA received the updated JA Alumni survey report conducted by Ipsos, a global leader in market research. During their study, they looked at three areas:

  • Education and Career Path
  • Confidence with Money
  • Business Ownership

In the area of Work and Careers, JA Alumni outperformed the average American when asked if they were currently in their dream job and if they worked in the field in which they studied in college.

Percentage in their “Dream Job”

Average Americans 25%

JA Alumni 69%

Work in the field studied in college

Average Americans 27%

JA Alumni 73%

Regarding financial security, JA Alumni outperformed the average American again when asked if they were financially independent of their parents. While there was an increase in percentage in the average American saving for retirement, JA Alumni outperformed in that area as well.

18 – 29 year-olds financially independent from parents

Average Americans 34%

JA Alumni 68%

18 – 34 year-olds saving for retirement

Average Americans 40%

JA Alumni 68%

Lastly, when asked about their Feelings About JA Participation, all categories landed in the 90th percentile. We are proud that the experiences a student receives during their time in a Junior Achievement program continue to have a lasting impact beyond their K-12 academic career!