Eager Travis High School Student Council remain dedicated JA volunteers in Fort Bend ISD

Travis High School’s Student Council has been an amazing volunteer partner in Fort Bend ISD for the past several years. Just like many high school organization partners last year, volunteering for Junior Achievement was not an option. At the start of the new school year, Travis’s Student Council hit the ground running to rebuild their JA partnership with local elementary schools as well as create a new partnership. These future leaders were eager to get back to volunteering.

For their first JA in a Day event this school year, Travis HS Student Council partnered with Neill ES to deliver 3rd-5th grade programs. The event was a success, and all parties involved were excited to have these events in person once again. Antoaniette, THS Student Body President, summed up her experience as a volunteer. “Serving as a volunteer for Junior Achievement has been an invaluable and very rewarding experience. It is always so refreshing to be surrounded by the enthusiasm and curiosity of children who are eager to learn. Being able to take a break from the stresses of high school to step into the joyful world of children to share both knowledge and laughter while creating memories is something I will cherish forever.” These programs are not only impactful to the students receiving the program but to all involved.

Being a volunteer has even allowed members of the organization to appreciate their teachers even more, which was expressed by Delaney, THS Student Council Member. “Junior Achievement is such an amazing and productive program. I love taking a day to teach the kids about business, future careers, and entrepreneurship, and learn a little bit myself too. It gives us high school students a unique perspective on how life is for teachers and helps us appreciate teachers more. I wish we could do it once a week!”

Thank you to Travis HS Student Council for their continued support of JA programs in Fort Bend ISD. Thank you to their dedicated sponsor, Angela Garrett, for being a driving force for this partnership.