A Stellar Performance from Stellar Bank!

In the ever-evolving world of banking, Stellar Bank has emerged as a shining example of corporate philanthropy and community engagement. Born out of the merger between Allegiance Bank and CommunityBank of Texas at the beginning of 2023, Stellar Bank wasted no time in making its mark. Recently, the bank's remarkable success at the 37th Annual Junior Achievement Trivia Bowl showcased its dedication to philanthropy and highlighted its position as a leading institution committed to education, teamwork, and community service.

Bob Franklin, dedicated JA board member, played a crucial role in ensuring that philanthropy remained a priority within Stellar Bank. This focus on giving back to the community contributed to their remarkable success at the JA Trivia Bowl event. It's great to see that despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic in 2020, Stellar Bank made a triumphant return this year.

Under the leadership of Martha Jordan, the Community Engagement Coordinator, Stellar Bank's staff put in relentless preparation and dedication, which paid off in their highly successful online fundraising campaign prior to the bowling event. Their efforts resulted in an impressive amount of over $15,000 raised for Junior Achievement.

Even more commendable is Stellar Bank's decision to generously match the funds raised, resulting in a total donation of over $30,000. This significant contribution demonstrates Stellar Bank's commitment to education, teamwork, and community service. Their success in peer-to-peer fundraising for 2023 showcases their dedication to positively impacting the communities they serve.