3DE Students Rise to Arby's Challenge!

In a recent National Competition featuring nearly 50 schools nationwide, Austin High School freshmen students truly stood out, securing a spot among the top eight recommendations for the Arby's Case Challenge.

For this particular case, students were tasked with crafting recommendations to attract a younger audience of customers to Arby's. With five weeks at their disposal, they dived into research and worked in teams to develop innovative solutions. Throughout this process, they received valuable guidance and coaching from the Plains Capital and P2 Energy teams, currently known as IFS.

As the competition progresses, only the top 4 teams will advance to compete live and present their solutions. The Austin High School freshmen are poised to showcase their brilliance and vie for the ultimate prize.

This outstanding accomplishment not only showcases their remarkable talent and dedication but also underscores the transformative impact of the 3DE model. Data across the country shows that the 3DE Model helps decrease absenteeism and improve academic performance. This is a testament to the powerful collaboration between the business community and school districts, enriching learning experiences and making education more relevant and engaging for our students.

We appreciate our partners and volunteers for being part of students' journey!

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